The work of the mission team has focused primarily on  a small community called Villa Real, Costa Rica in Central America.


We have conducted annual and semi-annual mission trips to this location for over ten years, providing many benefits to the local people including:

  • Food and clothing
  • Construction projects
  • Evangelistic seminars
  • Health & Dental clinics
  • Children's crafts and games  (VBS)
  • Sewing & Crochet Classes
  • Built a small Church (directions)


MISSION NEWS - We have recently added Dominican Republic to our mission destinations, assisting the poor Haitian and Dominican people in the northern coastal town of Sosua.

We currently support two full-time Bible workers in these countries, with one in Puerto Plata, DR and the other in Villa Real, CR.  There efforts are helping to change lives through their Bible work and finish the gospel commission.

Scheduled Mission Trips:

VILLA REAL, COSTA RICA  June 20 - July 1, 2018

Current construction project - rebuilding a house for a poor family

Pictures from Past Trips:

Costa Rica - June 2015

Costa Rica - June 2016

Dominican Republic - November 2016

Costa Rica - January 2017

Costa Rica - June 2017

Costa Rica - January 2018



Costa Rica  2004 thru 2015  (pictures coming soon)


How can you help or come with us ?


Contact Apopka Mission Director - Scott Shelton




"Going on a mission trip has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined."




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"A mission trip was, for me, a life-transforming experience"




               * * *


"I cannot live without going on mission trips. I do not know why two, three missions trips a year are not enough for me to share the love of God with the people who need to hear this. What inspires me to continue to do this? It must be the love of the One who died for me!"




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"In my experience, I can truthfully testify of far greater impact on my own life through missionary work than I can ever claim to have had in the lives of those I have served."




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